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Arbonne Nutrition Products

Ok, so here it is. I love food, which is why I am a Chef. I love all food, I don't discriminate against food, I love it all. In fact, I don't think there is a food that I don't like. Hmm, I will have to think about that. Anyways, Since I have this obsession with food, I have a problem saying no to food. I don't eat because I am sad, or depressed, or whatever. I am not an emotional eater, I am a foodie. I LOVE FOOD!! I love preparing it, smelling it, looking at it, thinking about it, talking about it, cooking it, having people try it, I love every aspect of food.

Ok, enough about how much I love food, you get it. Happy New Year, it's 2017!! A new year, a new me? Um, no. New year, better me. For sure. And in trying to be a better me I am getting back into my good eating and exercise habits. Lets face it, being a Chef has perks like amazing food all the time, especially since I'm married to a cook too!! Oy Vey. So needless to say, I have to exercise to stay somewhat fit. I put in long hours, days, and weeks. I need energy to keep me cooking!! Before my car accident in July (I was hit by a drunk driver - Ugh, that's a whole other blog.)I was running nearly everyday, and I had even ran my first 10k race!! So now that I am finally feeling better, and have been released from physical therapy it is finally time to get back into shape!! So today I ran 2.6 miles.

I also started my New Year off with a 28 day Arbonne Cleanse. It is a total body and mind reset. There are so many out there, like 21 day fix, beach body's ultimate reset, whole 30, and many more I can't remember. Whatever you decide works for you, DO IT!! I chose Arbonne because I love their products, I have tasted other protein shakes, and this one was by far the best. Arbonne protein is vegan, it's made with pea and cranberry protein. I use the protein powder every morning for breakfast. I want to share with you this recipe. This is my favorite shake recipe, and I make it about 3-4 times a week. So here it is.

My morning ritual.

1 packet vanilla protein powder or if you buy the big bag it's 2 scoops.

1/2 frozen banana (peel the bananas before freezing them or the peel won’t come off)

1 cup frozen mango (you can buy at the store in freezer section)

1/2 cup orange juice (100% no added sugar)

1/4 cup coconut milk (drinkable kind, not the kind in a can for curry, also you can use almond milk,)

Put in a good blender and blend until smooth. I let mine for a while, beause I don’t like any chunks. I use a vitamix, and it purees it perfectly. The amount of liquid you put in, oj and milk, will determine the thickness. I like my shakes cold and thick like a milkshake, so I use less liquid.

To add a little fun, I add in the Arbonne citrus fizz stick. This gives the shake a little carbonation, and sweetness, it's so yummy. The fizz stick is to help replace my caffeine from coffee or soda, so instead I use the fizz stick. It is natural caffeine from green tea, and it is sweetened with stevia. Just add water, but it fizzes up, so be careful not to put it in a full glass or full water bottle, it will fizz over. Been there done that!!

So here is to health. One day at a time, one recipe at a time, one Arbonne shake at a time. Everyone has a different version of health and fitness, this is mine. This is what works for me, what I love, what I think tastes good, and what I stand behind. If you want more information about Arbonne, and all the amazing products it has, I can help you with that.

Cheers to 2017 being the best year yet!!

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